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Hello and Welcome

I recently lost my job, two weeks before Christmas in fact. And although it was not the best news I have ever received, it was completely understandable.  The company hit a big bump, and a lot of employees fell off the cart.  I could have let this be a bad thing, but when I shared the news with my sister, and my daughters, and my friends, they all had the same reaction.  Take some time and figure out what you want to do!

So I am taking their advice ~ taking some time to look at my options, and find a way to help others. Maybe I can share some of my life experience to help people find the words they are looking for.  Cards are nice, and they fill a gap. Many times though, there is much more that needs to be said.  I have found over the years, that writing a letter is an amazing way to share my emotions with others. Some times it is the only way I can say “Thank You,” for acts of kindness that leave me speechless. Other times a letter is the only way I can share my hurt, or my pride in my family, or just let someone know that I am there for them.

When I was young, before the age of e-mail, text messages, Face Book, all the other social media, I wrote letters. We didn’t have any other way to communicate intimate thoughts and feelings.  It may sound silly, but I miss those days.  It used to be that going to get the mail was fun, because you never knew what would be there: a post card from a friend, a letter from an aunt, or grandparent. I do believe that the different forms of social media are useful, and can be a benefit to all of us. However, I also believe that a letter that you can hold in your hand has a great value as well.

So as I start down this road, I hope you will walk along with me and share your thoughts. Let me help you find the words you need to comfort a friend who is having difficulty, a child who has a problem, a parent who deserves to know how much you value what they have done for you.  I am looking forward to getting to know you on this journey.

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